Philly Cheese Sloppy Joe Instant Pot

The instant pot or Instapot cult is REAL people! I joined it a few months ago and I am a true convert. There really is nothing like being a busy simi quasi adult person and little people are expecting you to keep them alive and FEED THEM !!?? but then you realize OH SHIT everything is frozen and I have been binge watching ( insert whatever new netflix series just hit the air ) All the sudan the panic sets in. you Stop worrying as you remember you hold the magic in a pot.  A put of a button and you are back to your show while dinner cooks. The beauty of this contraption is that you really can toss everything in and press a button then just walk away.

Here is a simple no fuss family favorite we make at least once a month.

philly cheese sloppy joes

Philly Cheese Sloppy Joe

2lbs minced / ground beef – for you non beef eating people use chicken turkey or pork or go 1/2 and 1/2 on anything. Heck im sure you could probably even use ground game meats like venison …. pint is some type of GROUND ANIMAL IS NEEDED for this meal. NO fish I would not suggest fish not only would the texture be god awful but the taste … just don’t

2 tablespoons onion powder

1 large diced fine onion

1 fine chopped bell pepper or a few chopped up baby sweet peppers

brown gravy mix powder — yep the kind you find in the package for $.50 cheep is fine

pinch of salt

1 can of cream of mushroom soup

1/2 can water

hamburger buns

swiss or muenster cheese – heck ANY CHEESE you like


dump all this in the pot – close the lid – push the MEAT setting – walk away go do anything but watch this pot

instantpot meat sloppy joe

when it beeps you’re ready to serve ! Stir the pot ( this time YES someone is telling you to stir that LOL ) toast a bun or not whatever works for your level of effort and shits given in the moment

put the meat mix on the bun top with the cheese and serve with some fries DONE !