A year in a life.

It’s been almost a year since I last posted. So much has happened this past season. I ran for political office. I didn’t win but I didn’t jump into the race ever expecting to win. Okay, so I did hope for a miracle but tried to stay grounded in reality throughout the campaign. Fact is unseating an incumbent is damn near impossible. So why did I do it you might ask? I did it because people needed to know what was happening in a local office. Corruption and misuse of office by elected officials is out of control in our area and “someone needs to do something” became me for a year trying to change things.

So now that the elections are over and the distractions have fallen away, I find myself going back to what I love most. Cooking! I’ve taken up cake decorating and baking as a mater of challenging myself. Usually I won’t go near a cake, however, I was offered the opportunity to bake 400+ cupcakes for a major event in our community and I took on the challenge happily. Ever since I’ve become obsessed with gum past decorations.

I’m also enrolled to university again. Plan is to get another degree. This time in something I feel passionate about. So I have chosen a degree in social work. Secretly though, if they offered a degree in culinary/ baking I’d be running to do that too. Somehow I’d find a way to get both done simultaneously! For now though it’s a degree that I know will pay the bills so I can keep cooking for fun. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to pay bills by cooking. Until that day / opportunity comes I’ll have to be more practical I guess.


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