Great Southern flu pandemic of winter 2018

It didn’t take long for me to grasp the situation we will all find ourselves in should the US be hit with a real pandemic virus. The simple flu this winter seems to be trowing chaos into every facet of the health care system in our area. So many, young to old, have come down with this unknown and unpredictable outbreak this season that hardly a single family hasn’t had someone get sick. Mine included. My husband, and myself both ended up sick. Thankfully the kids have remained well. However, today I needed to get into to see a doctor for a totally unrelated issue. One that honestly can’t sit and wait to pass. Kidney issues are nothing to mess around with. Unfortunately my doctor says I can’t get into see him for over a week. The local walk-in was packed and short staffed. The ERs are full some more then 80+ waiting to be seen.

There is NOTHING that can be done for the flu. OTC meds and rest in ones OWN BED πŸ› is what the doctors will tell you. You’re just going to have to tough it out and wait it out. Sucks I know. No magic pill to fix the flu.

But a kidney infection… now that’s a beast of a different kind requiring a doctors interventions. I’m likely to end up catching the flu coming to this walk-in … so despite the fact that I’m the only one in a waiting room of more then 20 coughing sneezing and basically germ infested humans speeding the death of others, I’m the ONLY one wearing a MASK 😷! Nasty 🀒 humans !

And this is how we will all one day die. It will be the end of the human race. Our untimely exodus from this planet. A virus that makes everyone sick 😷 but doesn’t kill them right off. Just shuts down all the other critical medical services so something as simple as a UTI or kidney infection is beyond the limits of understaffed, sleep deprived overwhelmed and overworked medical staff. Spread would have been lessened by people just staying home and sleeping this thing off for a week. So go home Ethel you’re sick and chicken soup and a warm bed is what you need … not a doctor πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ save that for for the secondary issues from being sick if you’re so unlucky to get them.


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