Come and get you some

Life has funny twists and turns. For me the only thing that remains steady is my husband and my drive to cook for others. So we have officially launched meals ready to order and eat. I’m also working with clients to organize and build weekly / monthly menus. Then I create the food and they just heat it up. Wa la all the shopping and cooking taken care of for you. For most meals it’s cheaper then buying everything needed and preparation of the meal.

The other thing we are working towards is dinner club and pop up underground eating events. This is super exciting.

Lastly, I’m determined to go expert level on the baking because it’s my weak spot until now.

So I’m becoming a one stop shop for all things food related. But what some don’t know is I can also craft like a MF! I’m not limited to just food. I can craft with mediums like : sewing and knitting. Soap making, woodworking, painting, clay throwing, live stock care, gardening….. if it’s out there to do I can and probably have done it. I’m the next mother fucking Martha Stewart. Just without the felony and much younger less bitchy and fun.

With the start of 2018 I’m moving full force ahead. Cooking, playing with my kids , playing with my husband 🤭 , baking cakes 🍰, just doing what ever the heck I want to because that’s what life is about. Work with what you have and have fun with your work.


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