Chicken and Dumplings seriously southern goodness

A southern staple in any home. But making them from scratch is not as hard as you might think.

I don’t want a long drawn out cutesy story when I’m trying to find a recipe so I’m going to get right to it :

Two pots are needed in my opinion for cooking the dumplings so the liquid doesn’t get to thick. One with water and chicken bouillon powder broth. The other with chicken stock homemade if you have it. if not … just a second pot with any chicken broth works. The larger pot with water and chicken base is what you will boil the dumplings in 1st. ( add diced carrots šŸ„• in your smaller pot of broth if you like )

next mix your dumpling batter.

Dumplings <<<
gs / 1 cup milk / 1 teaspoon baking powder/ 2 cups flour / pinch of salt

Mix well batter will be very sticky and thin

e your pot of broth is up to a boil just drop in the dumpling batter by the spoon full. Boil in broth for about 10 min and transfer to second pot with broth. Continue cooking on simmer until all dumplings are finished and moved to second pot with broth.

e all your dumplings are cooked add about 2 cups cooked chopped chicken to the pot and simmer for additional 5 mins. Honestly though in our house you can leave the chicken meat out and no one would care. The broth is where all the flavor is anyways and the dumplings are what everyone is after in that pot. So if I don't have cooked chicken on hand, I don't let it stop me from satisfying a chicken and dumplings craving. šŸ‘©šŸ¼ā€šŸ³

So go make some for your family or order directly from Jeannie Cooks and we deliver to you šŸ‘©šŸ¼ā€šŸ³šŸ„£


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