The Lady and the Pig

I had this vision of what it would look like to prepare a pigs head. It went nothing like I planed. I thought “oh i will just saw open the skull cap and take out the brains. Then I can hide in some veg and herbs, sew it back up and it will be so neat when cooked.” It did not quite turn out as I envisioned.

First sawing the skull of a pork head is nothing short of a major undertaking! How was I to know the dense thick rock hard skull is impossible to saw through without use of major power tools? Even if I had made it through the skull the brain pan would have held like the equivalent of 1/2 cup of vegetable at most. So pigs have REALLY SMALL BRAINS. SO much for all this they are highly intelligent creatures stuff. Is it possible to be that higher order thinking if you have a brain the size of a baby’s fist ? Now all the PETA people are gonna hate me … great

you should just watch to see how this went. In the end though it was a MOST TASTY PIG and I wouldn’t hesitate to make another


Needless to say by the time it was over I was quite ready to just put this pig to cook.




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