Stuffing more then just a holiday classic

I’m a firm believer that stuffing should be on the table more than just the holidays. There are so many ways to make this delightful side dish. However, it seems to be a forgotten about much beloved starch, until the holidays roll around.

I would like to propose a movement stuffing Sunday. I think it should be something that hits your table anytime you’re making a nice meal for your family. Why not there so many ways we can change it up. You can make it extremely savory adding meets, or sweet adding fruits. Heck you can even go A little crazy and add seafood to it.

Here is just one idea 💡 for stuffing.

Premade box mix stuffing… oh yeah I’m not getting fancy! Let’s keep this shit simple.

Chopped up celery

Diced onion

Butter according to directions on the box

Chicken stock rather than water

Diced mushrooms

This one had some diced ham ( you can omit meet or you could add anything else you like.. like I said go with seafood oysters are great in stuffing)

In a pan add a little bit of butter and oil and sauté off your vegetables until they’re sort of soft then add them in with the cornbread mix

Make it like the box says to make it

I like to put all of mine into a roasting pan covered, into the oven and then uncovered for a few minutes to let the top brown. Other than that there’s no real magic or rocket science to this. It’s dry bread, herbs and a liquid going back into make it wet again.

It should be MOIST MOIST MOIST … you’re welcome Jamie ( she cringes at the word MOIST lol 😂) just make stuffing and eat it ❤️🍴


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