Going for it in the kitchen

I’m working on a little project and came up with a new recipe yesterday. It’s so freaking good I can’t help but share. No really , it’s good enough for me to be chowing down on it this morning for breakfast! I do NOT do leftovers often. It’s got to be pretty special for me to eat something two times in a row. So here it is perfect satisfaction in your stomach as Fall is closing in on us. Mediterranean inspired dish with fresh sardines. ( you could use other fish or a different Protein all together if you want- or no meats at all and go veggie with this as a main or a side )


Fish – sardines clean and scales scraped

Cornstarch in a large plastic bag

Deep pan

Olive oil enough to cover bottom of pan 1-2 “

Diced shallots, leeks, sweet peppers, dried medium heat chili, garlic 3 cloves

rough cut- long eggplant, zucchini

Grated tomatoes 🍅 for juice and pulp. I skin

1 can diced tomatoes, 1 can tomato sauce

Spices: Salt pepper paprika, mustard, cloves, fennel seed, cumin, fungreek, Caedmon salt and pepper ( grind and spice grinder or smashup and mortar and pestle)

Baby bockchoy, shredded Brussel sprouts, in oil artichoke hearts, black olives, capers. Pickled sweet anti-pasta Italian peppers. Banana pepper cut all this in rough cuts too.

Chicken stock or vegetable stock

Okay hot pan oil screaming hot.

Fish in cornstarch shake off excess- in hot oil fry 1 min – turn fry 1 min – pull set aside.

In to oil shallots lakes brussels sprouts peppers zucchini eggplant spices. Brown and let to begin caramelize. Capers and anything else listed except baby bok choy. Diced tomatoes in. Stock in

Deglaze pan with stock. Pull up mixing in all the little caramelize bits off the bottom and sides of pan.

Tomatoes sauce and juice. Bockchoy in, fish back in – cover bring to simmer.

Taste – salt if needed.

Reduce liquid lid off

Pull fish – plate on dish ( before serving you need to separate the head and spine with little bones from the fish meat it’s easy to do)

Serve hot with toasted rustic bread 🥖

Leftovers are even amazing 🍴


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