Nashville & Master Chef

Pictures of my food and me and all I am doing

This has been one of the most insane weeks ever. It started with me binge watching the last season of Master Chef *on Fox after a minor surgical procedure and recovery. Next thing I know on a lark I say heck enter me in the next season if they are still casting. As it turned out not only where they casting but in less than two week in my area. So I thought why the hell not. I can cook. Christ I’m all but obsessed with food. I talk about food non stop, I write about food, I cook food, and I feed anyone that will let me feed them.  So off goes the app pictures attached.

My biological sister is all OH I’ll come meet you in Nashville for the FIRST time while you are there. Yha I am adopted and I have this sister I know her on facebook but I have never actually met her. SO now there is MAster Chef and getting to meet this sister!!

I’m like already freaking out when my phone rings and the ID says LA. California. I don’t know ANYONE in LA so immediately I’m standing in the middle of the home store looking for spoons that I am going to serve the judges my food with and I see the LA call and answer it. My heart is pounding and she tells me she is with the Show and I start screaming. Not  little squeak but a full on squeal and scream. Poor woman probably had to pull the phone away from her ear and thought ” oh wow we have a LIVE one here ” When I get excited I tend to chatter and talk REALLY fast. Needless to say poor lady could hardly get a word in. SO conversation ends and I hang up yelling in the store I’M GOING TO MASTER CHEF !!!!  A few adorable gay guys were all ” omg that is awesome we are sooooo going to watch you ! You are so CUTE you are going to be fun TV ”

Finally I compose myself and call my husband tell him everything. while we are talking a call come in LA CA again. I’m thinking oh she has changed her mind and I’m ready to just burst into tears. I end the call with james and answer ” hello?” shes goes into “do you have a second?” and I tell her yes I was just telling my husband everything he’s so excited should we still be excited ? She’s all yes! This is where my head EXPLODES … I am told I am through the line … like NO LINE ! I am going right into judging! I am freaking out thinking okay this means that they like me enough  that they want to see and start filming some stuff to test run me I am guessing. MAKE SURE I CAN COOK … I actually can cook some stuff pretty damn well. What I can’t I am guessing they do show you in a mini culinary school camp. Helllllooooo so so so excited for that opportunity it’s like the top of my ‘if I could do ANYTHING list”.

So yesterday I spent  the day scrambling to get my hair done.I refuse to go to anything looking anything less than point on perfect. SHit  worked too hard losing 200 freaking pounds to get MY LOOK and not have it spot on for this moment!! Then  finding something that is ME, my style to wear in front of the cameras.  Mind you I only need ONE outfit. SO if this shows you anything about my personality nothing does LOL  – but I have packed like a month’s worth of outfits just incase someone wants different options or looks. I am the girl prepared for ANYTHING. God help us all when they tell me to pack for THREE MONTHS


I am leaving tomorrow morning super early and getting to my hotel to make some signs that the producer suggested I have my sister hold — pretty good Idea actually because I’m not sure I would  find her otherwise. Going to bed by like 7pm so I can be up by 3 am to start cooking and then get dressed. Then it’s drive the hour into nashville and go just BE ME.

This is wild beyond my biggest dreams and I just have this feeling, the kind that you feel in your bones that something life changing big is about to happen. I’m so ready for this. I have put off my dreams and desires for so many for so long. Because that is what a ‘good mom does”. BUT NOW T LAST, my life is leading me to this place for this moment and I am going to live it so hard and fast it’s going to bleed out all over the floor. I’m taking everything I have there and holding NOTHING back. This is finally my moment and nothing is stopping me.


2 thoughts on “Nashville & Master Chef

  1. You are amazing and deserve every second of this roller coaster ride! Your food is “De-Lish!” I will be missing your laugh while you are gone! 💜


  2. Thrilled beyond mere words for you!!! Show them what you’ve got, Sweetheart! Congratulations!!! Positive energy, prayers, and love sent with an extra amount of good luck as well!!! You’ve totally got this girl friend!!! ❤❤❤⚘⚘⚘✊✊✊


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